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From the royal courts of Renaissance Europe to the rock stars of the s, these famous family incest stories changed the course of history.
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This is not entirely true. There is a greater risk of various handicaps, true, due to a closer sharing of genetics. But there is a danger in every form of child creation that the child might be handicapped. There might be a difference in degree of risk in incestuous sex acts but certainly not in kind. And, similarly, if we continued with this logic, it seems that any person who has an increased risk of having children with disabilities ought not to reproduce or should be condemned.

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Furthermore, this assumes sex acts are solely for having children, whereas this is nonsense, since we have effective contraceptives and other measures to prevent pregnancy. We will examine this more closer later. Nonetheless, why should the sexual activities of two consenting adults concern us? Repugnance helped many things we now consider wrong to continue in the past, such racial and sexual inequality.

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Besides which, people are repulsed by different things — and we cannot leave it up to the whims of our emotions to implement policies and laws which could, unnecessarily, cause suffering to other people, as is the case with gay people, women, and indeed the current brother-and-sister couple.

So these arguments fail. But if these arguments are sound, then this has a further implication. What makes the case unfortunate is the young lady in question has been attacked and threatened by members of the public. This seems to me unjustified. Violence is almost never the right response. If we agree that consenting adults are allowed to have sex, then what makes these two people different, besides sharing parents?

Why should sharing genetics make it a crime — or rather, something so monstrous that this young lady deserves to be treated like a diseased monster?

However, incestuous acts certainly need not be worth condemning a young lady over, nor does she deserve to be treated like someone requiring therapy. Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. For an aunt and a nephew it waffles somewhere in between, depending on the house and its history. For the past few seasons, Thrones fans have been acting far too natural about the whole thing. But no! There are, somehow, hopeful fan theories about other incestuous couples too. The most chilling speculation is that Sansa and Jon might marry for the sake of the realm.

Are we all really just fine with this? Why are Jon and Dany an okay kind of incest, but we draw the line at Cersei and Jaime? Is it the sibling thing?

Sexual Abuse we don't talk about; INCEST. - Dr. Syeda Ruksheda - TEDxNMIMSBangalore

Have the showrunners just abandoned one of the major governing principles of their own world because it might just be fun to have everybody screw their siblings? UK Edition.

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Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. Retired US Army general charged with rape and incest to face trial.

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Long Reads. Argentine man jailed for fathering eight children with daughter. Woman avoids jail term for marrying her mother after they 'hit it off'. Woman who married her mum after they 'hit it off' convicted of incest. Argentine man accused of fathering eight children with daughter.

Mother wins official parentage of daughter she had with half-brother Appeal court reinstates mother's link to child based on European Convention on Human Rights. Author reveals shocking details of abusive relationship with father.

Incest Laws and Criminal Charges

This woman discovered her parents were siblings. Author reveals abusive relationship with her dad in 'graphic' memoir. Teenage boy becomes one of UK's youngest convicted rapists aged only 1. Siblings ended up married with kids after incestuous relationship. Boy repeatedly raped his 9-year-old sister after viewing incest porn. Arkansas law could let rapists stop victims who want an abortion. Ireland to update rape law to protect drunk people who fall asleep.

Father jailed for more than 1, years for raping teenage daughter.

Man describes his mother as 'worthless' for marrying his sister. Mother who married son faces incest charges for marrying daughter. Teenager who raped his brother and sister given five years in prison. Closing EU borders will cause inbreeding, says German finance minister.